Friday, July 10, 2009

Painting Ceilings is Fun!

Oops, I forgot a word in the title. There was supposed to be a "not" there somewhere. It is especially not fun when you have a ton of shit to do in the morning, and you have a leisurely lunch and watch Band of Brothers with your husband, then mow the lawn, then start taping, then realize you're not quite tall enough to tape off the crown molding, then wait for your husband to tape it, then start painting.


It sucked. My neck hurts, my feet hurt, my back really hurts, and I look like this (after two glasses cleaning breaks).

Well, I did. I showered and now I'm no longer paint covered. I always think painting ceilings is not worth it while I'm doing it. Especially tall ceilings. But the finished product is SO worth it. It makes the room so much warmer and cozier than stark white. The crown molding pops against it, and I'm not a fan of white anyway, so I love colored ceilings. I may be crazy, but I think if you're painting a room, it's not that much extra effort to paint the ceiling a coordinated shade.

What we do is choose a color for the ceiling that's one or two shades lighter than the wall color. If the wall color is already super light, we just paint the ceiling that color. It makes the entire room look so pulled together! Every time I paint a ceiling, I start putting the paint on and freak out because it looks so dark/bright/green next to the stark white paint that was there before. But when you get the whole thing done, it looks so amazing. Seriously, I love it. It's a beautiful soft gray with a touch of blue, and I can't wait to see it with our wall color.

No pictures until we're done painting the walls tomorrow. I may even wait until we get our furniture put in on Wednesday. We shall see!

For now, I'll settle on the couch with my turkey sandwich and fall into bed before I do it all again tomorrow with the walls.