Monday, August 10, 2009

Guess who's having surgery

It's not Brett. It's not the cats.

That's right, me. Why? Because my gall bladder decided it was a good time to stop working, or make a stone, or whatever. And it won't let me do much but work and then come home and lay around. I did manage to spackle and touch up the gouges in the wall from our shower curtain falling down upstairs, but that's about the extent of my home improvement efforts for the last few weeks.

I'm meeting with the surgeon Wednesday, after which I'll have an idea of when I can take a week off work to order Brett and my mom around while sipping Diet Dr. Pepper on the couch. With lot of good drugs, so I'm told. It sounds like heaven if you ignore the removing an organ part.

But seriously, I'm looking forward to it. If they can make the pain go away, they can chop off one of my arms for all I care. After recovery, I'm starting Operation Get Fit Before Baby-Making. Hopefully that will also include lots of home improvement related exercise.

Either way, as always, I'll be here, dreaming big. I'll be finding things I love, drooling over them, and searching high and low for knockoffs. Somebody hurry up and knock off the new Pottery Barn Edison Chandelier, how about it? Okay, so it looks vaguely spiderish. I can't explain my love for this thing. I NEED it in my dining room. For now, I'll straggle off to bed and leave you with my newly created nest bio. Each page includes an inspiration picture put together thanks to Scrapblog. Plus you get a peek at the shoebox we lived in before we bought our new place.


The Clueless Homeowners: Our nest