Saturday, July 4, 2009

Real Live Adults

Did it hit us that we were grown ups when we were no longer financially dependent on mom and dad? When we got our first jobs, post college? When we took the plunge and got married? Or maybe when we bought our first house?

Nope. None of them. That moment came today. When we walked into a real live furniture and told them what they wanted. They were (of course) having a big Fourth of July sale, complete with pre-marked up prices and complimentary hot dogs. So our sweet saleslady Georgeann told us, "Our sale today is 15% off, but that's only if you pay cash. You guys can take the 4 years interest free financing instead." And we said...

"No, we're paying cash." Like we drop $3k in one purchase all the time. That's right bitches. We can afford to buy a (nice!) bedroom set with cash. And I'm so freaking excited that I won't have to look at mismatched furniture anymore. And we have an actual, real, bed. And it has storage drawers underneath for linens or misbehaving cats or whatever. And it has a media chest. If we have to have a TV in the bedroom (thanks, Brett), then I'm glad we'll have a sleek, matching media chest with drawers underneath for clothes storage. I'm sure it will look just as nice as the picture with our 19" CRT tv on there that I've had since I was 13, right?

It's being delivered on the 15th. One week exactly before my birthday! But Brett swears and declares that it's not my birthday present. If it's not, my birthday present needs to be to paint that room before we get our glossy new furniture in there! Thanks to this giant purchase, we're putting off the master bath reno for a little while. And we won't be buying new linens and things until our savings account it back up to snuff, but it just makes sense to paint before you put in new furniture, right? Right?

So here it is. Our beautiful, almost black, shiny, glossy, grown up bedroom set. I can't find a picture of the bed online, but it's a platform bed with a paneled headboard and low footboard and storage drawers on the sides. We got the pictured dresser and mirror, two of the nightstands, and a media chest as well. Just wait until the 15th and there will be pictures. Lots and lots of pictures.