Sunday, May 16, 2010

A restful weekend

We finally had a weekend with no guests and no big projects looming. And after the last few weeks we really needed it!

There were a lot of things we needed to take care of (changing the oil in Brett's car, lots of weed pulling), and we had a ton of small projects that needed to be taken care of. Plus we needed a little bit of relaxing too!

First of all, let me apologize for the truly heinous picture quality in this post. It's after dark and insanely humid, and I knew I wouldn't get to posting this week if I didn't do it tonight.

After yard work and a quick swim at the Y, we started off the house projects with touching up the paint in the kitchen and replacing the outlets and switches. This ended up being much more difficult than we planned, due to there being NO leeway in the wires behind a couple of the outlets. But after lots of struggling and an unplanned trip to Lowe's for longer screws, we now have white, right side up outlets and switches in the kitchen! 5 rooms down, 5 to go! The two bathrooms are on the list for next week.

randoms 007

randoms 006

Now all we have left is to caulk, and I've got to make a Roman shade and the kitchen will be done other than the floors. I'm still on the lookout for a vintage dresser or credenza to fill out the plate wall, but I'm happy with the kitchen as is until I find the perfect (cheap) piece!

After that, we just hung out in the office, with Brett playing video games and me reading my new design books (Domino and Apartment Therapy, both great with tons of eye candy). I was so hppy to be able to hang out up there and read on our new sofa!

randoms 012

We picked it up last weekend at an estate sale for $100. It's perfect for our office/library, and in great shape. And so comfy for a short person like me. It's perfect for lounging!

That orange pillow is the first peek at today's major project. I busted out the sewing machine and sewed up a storm! Besides the orange bird pillow for the sofa, I made new pillow covers for the guest room. The hot weather has me itching for some hot colors, and the guest room is looking much brighter!

randoms 009

randoms 010

We especially love the yellow one! Sometime this week, I'll be recovering the canvases with these fabrics and the orange one from the office as well.

I also made a cute floral pillow for the sunroom.

randoms 004

Even though we didn't have big plans for the weekend, I think we made a pretty big difference in our home!

And although it has nothing to do with this weekend (other than the fact that we FINALLY got some rain, thank goodness), it has been six weeks since we planted our flowers. And not only have I not killed them, THEY'RE GROWING!

And before anyone cries "Foul! Your husband used to work at a garden center!" This is all me, baby. I admit he has reminded me to water them sometimes, but I'm taking care of these, and they're not dead yet!

The petunias are actually overflowing!

randoms 002

randoms 003

And the begonias are looking awesome.

randoms 001

Actually, I'm so confident in my plant care skillz that I got a philodendron for the sunroom last week. I love this ultra cheap pot from Target. It was either $4 or $5!

randoms 005

I think my black thumb has a little green under it after all!