Sunday, May 9, 2010


Okay, I'll be honest here. Grouting is a total pain in the ass.

Actually, I have no idea how hard putting the grout on, because Brett did that. But the plan was for me to wipe off. After it was getting harder and harder, Brett started helping me, and then he pretty much finished it off while I cried. Okay, so I didn't really cry, but my hands still hurt 4 days later.

But the result? So worth it.

tile 030

Look at that beautiful tile! We love the gray grout with the white tile. It really makes the running bond pattern stand out.

tile 029

tile 033

Still to do:

1. Switch out outlets and switches and install new plates
2. Touch up paint and caulk around tile
3. Make Roman shade for window and install
4. Deep clean tile to get rid of excess grout
5. Build or buy storage piece for plate wall
6. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay in the future when we forgot about the difficulty of grouting, we'll retile the floor

We are so close to done I can smell it!

Notice something about that picture of the sink area? It contains the fridge, which I've been too ashamed to show for a while. The top of our fridge was a big mess for the last few months.

Thankfully, our love for the backsplash inspired us to clear our countertops. Only things we use daily are staying. Which means the coffeepot can go! And the fruit will stay in the fridge (Brett prefers it cold anyway). Veggies that need to stay room temp are going in the cookie jar, and the catch all above the fridge has been condensed into an accordion folder beside the microwave. We consolidated two junk drawers down into one, which gave us an extra drawer for cooking utensils.

That catch-all from the microwave? Now it's on top of the fridge holding our bread and bagels. The glass jars hold coffee and cereal, so we have all of our breakfast stuff ready to go.

tile 034

You know, after hating my kitchen for what seemed like so long, I'm just happay as a muddy pig in the sunshine to spend a lot of time right here.

tile 038