Thursday, June 3, 2010

Roman shades

I'm sure you've seen the directions floating around all over the internet to make your own Roman shade using an old pair of blinds. As soon s I saw them, I knew I wanted to do it for the kitchen window. I finally bought my fabric and tackled it tonight.

As I broke off the extra slats, I got a little nervous. I was totally ruining a good pair of blinds, for possibly nothing! But using just a yard and a half of fabric (this will completely depend on your window size) and some fabric glue, I have a totally new window treatment.

roman shade 003

The wrinkles are because it's sitting on the couch. I still have to clean the window and tile surround, and install the hanging hardware. But come this weekend we'll have a circus striped shade filtering light in our kitchen.

roman shade 002

I was so excited by the folds. It actually works!

This project was well under an hour, start to finish. I did it all while watching Glee, and a friend was fast forwarding through most of the commercial breaks. So easy!

Directions are here (I didn't follow exactly, it will be pretty obvious how it works once you get started). You won't be sorry!