Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Heavy Goose

Today, a fluke of waking up before the alarm, an un-crowded gym locker room, and freakishly light traffic came together and got me to work at 6 am. Luckily, since I have flexible work hours this means I can take an hour off some other time. I had a meeting for the last hour of my workday, but when I walked in, my very lovely lead told me I looked tired and we should move the meeting until tomorrow. Score!

I escaped 45 minutes earlier, and skipped a big chunk of rush hour. I decided to use my extra time to stop at Home Depot and finally check out the Martha Stewart line.

Now, let me say, Martha Stewart is somewhat of a personal hero of mine. I hope that someday I can be successful in my career, raise a child, keep a home, cook delicious, healthy meals, and balance it all like she has. Yes, I know she has a staff and her daughter is all grown up. But I still thinks she's remarkable. And her slightly out-of-touchness just adds to the charm for me. What, you don't change your sheets everyday?

Anyway, I've been thinking about her new paint line since Making It Lovely used it in her bedroom makeover. And when I stopped by to ogle the new colors, I was floored. Guys, I so wish this line had been out a year ago. I picked up a brochure and a few swatches (which are nice and big. Something Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams might want to learn).




I'm kicking myself now that we only have two spaces to paint. There are so many beautiful ones.

Like Rainwater

And Fig

And can I geek out for a second about the names of the colors? I love the names so much. They just make me smile. Like Milk Pail, Graham Cracker Crust, Pup Tent, Brook Trout, Sharkey Gray, and my personal favorite, Heavy Goose.

But, since I was looking for my living room and powder room, I picked up a selection of grays and greiges. We love these for the living room.

Bedford Gray (this is the front runner if we're brave enough to go this dark).

Nimbus Cloud

And for the powder room, I think I'm going dark.

I love Seal.

And Thunderhead. Again with the names! They're killing me.

Too bad Heavy goose was eliminated. And of all things, it was for being too light.