Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Guest Bath: Take three

No, I didn't paint it again.

I really love the paint color that's in there now. It's soothing and light, even if it is the most saturated color in our house.

But let's go back a year or so, shall we?

We moved in to a house with a bile yellow monstrosity of a bathroom. Pictures do not do this color justice, but it made everyone and everything look sickly and gross. It may have been a perfectly nice yellow, but when we took off the mirror we found dark gray paint, and no signs of primer in between. So the gray was giving the yellow a weird cast.

ds-1030 036

We couldn't wait very long before painting this room. We thought we had the color scheme for the house nailed down, with greens, blues, and tans. But we chose a very, very wrong color. And we tried to tone it down with some neutral accessories.

bathroom finished 002

But even the cream linens weren't cutting it. So armed with a Sherwin Williams gift car from Christmas, we set out to fix our mistake. And it could have been another one, since I chose this color based on a picture of another room online, and never even looked at the sample card with the other colors in our house. But I knew I loved it, and I went for it.

bathroom finished 001

MUCH improved, yes?

The old neutral accessories went fine in here, but I was itching to bring something more fun in. Our other bathroom is so soothing and relaxing, I wanted some color and kitsch in here. I bought some art on a whim from Etsy. Three letterpress greeting cards, shipped for $16! Greeting cards can be a really great, cheap alternative to prints.

I already had some white frames from my first IKEA trip in February, and I had some charcoal mats cut at a craft store for $20 ($5 each). I had four frames, and I knew I wanted three in the tub area, so I made a quick word cloud from some song lyrics and printed it on cardstock. Unfortunately, Brett doesn't love it so I'm going to make something new, possibly a collage piece? But the colors work for now.

nola 007

This little dude might be my favorite piece in the house. I love him (her?).

nola 009

The whale and the cactus crack me up. We moved the pen and ink drawings to Brett's office and got new gray mats as well (they were a standard size, so I got them for a steal at $2 each).

But we didn't stop at new art. I was ready to bring some real color in and bring the bathroom back to it's roots. We were itching for some yellow.

nola 015

With super sale fabric from Ikea (2 yards at $2.99 a yard!) and some cheap-o curtain rings, I have a fun new shower curtain that makes me smile when I walk in the room.

This room has just a bathtub, thanks to the slanted ceilings. So the curtain is more for looks than function. But it was super easy to make and took me under an hour.

We also brought in some bright white towels and linens, and some more colorful candles, as well as putting in new switches and a GFCI in white. And one of my favorite things are the new hand towels. I had some yellow pom pom trim that I intended for another project and scrapped. With just one yard, I had enough to edge two hand towels for a hit of whimsy and color.

nola 013

nola 003

Okay, I admit it. I love yellow again. Not enough to paint a room yellow, but I can be happy in a yellow tinged environment!