Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kitchen: Before and After

As if this afternoon, we are DONE with the never-ending project.

That's right, the kitchen makeover that started in NOVEMBER with a broken oven is over. Apart from the floors (which don't count since that is a multi-room job, right?) we are finished with the kitchen.

Let's look back at what the kitchen used to look like, shall we? This is with the seller's stuff.

ds-1030 008

ds-1030 009

ds-1030 011

A real tropical paradise right? Or should I say parrot-ice!

After 7 months of working off and on (including a one week blitz early on) we now have a fresh, clean, bright, and (mostly) neutral kitchen that I love spending time in!

aaa kitchen 009

So refreshing! We painted the walls, trim, ceiling, and cabinets. Even though the cabinets were white, they definitely needed to be repainted. What a huge difference a couple of coats of paint can make!

aaa kitchen 019

One of the first things we did was replace the countertops and sink (actually, that was our Christmas present!). The sink was a $60 clearance find and I love it SO much. It's ultra deep, and so much more convenient than our old basic model. We also replaced the faucet and sprayer.

aaa kitchen 013

The backsplash tile might be my favorite project to date. It made such a huge difference.

aaa kitchen 006

Believe it or not, we don't mind standing here at the end of the day and doing dishes! I made this roman shade using a $4 set of mini blinds and Ikea fabric.

aaa kitchen 005

aaa kitchen 027

One of the best things we did was declutter the countertops. We got rid of the coffee pot (it comes out when we have guests. We rarely use it otherwise) and cleared out a drawer for my cooking utensils. We also consolidated all of our documents and bills into the file folder next to the microwave. We also cleared off the top of the fridge. We used a paper tray to hold out bread, and bought canisters for coffee and cereal. It's the perfect breakfast station for us!

aaa kitchen 007

I love the color so much I want to marry it!

aaa kitchen 015

We made this area of wasted space a focal point with a storage piece and a plate collage. We've dded to it over time, and we plan to continue until we run out of space! I keep some of my more often used appliances and pots, and cuter serveware in here. I love the color it brings to the room!

aaa kitchen 022

We love the variety in the collage. From a cornbread pan handed down from Brett's great grandmother, to a tag sale plate transformed into a clock, to a handmade plate by yours truly, the variety is what makes it special.

aaa kitchen 011

By the cooking area, we have a floating spice rack and a sign to remind us of our Southern roots.

aaa kitchen 029

I'm happy to say I've got a new favorite room. By far.