Monday, September 13, 2010

A quick update

Just so you know I'm not dead.

The pain I mentioned in my hand last weekend somehow migrated to my right arm, and got so bad that I couldn't lift it without assistance from my other hand (or "chicken wing it" as my doctor called it. Love him). He gave me the good stuff (prescriptions strength anti-inflammatory and a lowish dose of painkillers) and hooked me up with a specialist. I also got my first non-dental x-ray, which was anti-climactic. I did think it was funny when they called me three days later to tell me my arm wasn't broken. Well, I knew that, but I'd hope if it was, you'd have gotten back to me sooner!

But I've been taking it easy as far as house projects. Pretty much all I've done this week is take the sunroom rug out and scrub it with woolite, wash it off with the water hose, and let it dry in the sun. Somehow it looks dirtier after, but I think the layer of dirt that visibly came off was hiding some of the uneven sun fading.

I am feeling much better on the medication, though. So I may actually touch up the fireplace tonight, which would be a super quick job. Then I will just have to re-coat the ceiling and one staircase wall, and I'd be done! (with everything except the trim).