Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bathroom Quick Change

We think our next room to tackle is going to be the master suite. Which is going to be a BIG project if we do what we want in there. It will involve tiling the shower walls, a new vanity and mirror, maybe flooring, new bedroom furniture and linens, art, and maybe (maybe?) a bigger tub.

So we don't want to do a ton of work until we're ready to go in there. But there came a point where we just couldn't deal with the showerhead anymore. It was this huge thing with a triangular part in the middle that came off to be a handheld piece, and it just annoyed the crap out of us. We also couldn't stand the old, worn out drain switch. We were never quite sure if the drain was plugged until the shower started filling up on us.

So with about a half hour of work and a $50 investment, we have made showering a much more pleasant experience! And, we bought brushed nickel fixtures so we can still use them in our bathroom after the big redo!